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Cars & Coffee

November 3, 2013
By Scott Lewis

Car & Coffee. You may have heard of this. It is becoming a bit of a trend. There are some official Cars & Coffee events, as well as informal events. But the essence is the same, people with cool cars getting together on a Saturday or Sunday morning to hang out and admire each other's cars.

If you are looking to get “into cars” in general, I suggest you find a local Cars & Coffee event near you. For instance... here in San Antonio there is a meeting of cars every second Saturday morning in the parking lot of a Lowe’s. It is free and you just show up and walk around looking at cars. I enjoy this a lot. You can't imagine the variety of cars you will see. Where else could you see a Grand Sport Corvette parked next to a Real Woody Stationwagon. 

But... all you have to do is take it one step further and start asking people about their cars. For instance, I was interested in the Chrysler Crossfire, and said so to a guy in a Crossfire club. I think "club" was pretty informal in itself. I ended up talking with this guy about his car and Crossfires in general for about 40 minutes. After talking to him I went home and looked up some on AutoTrader. I really wanted one.

That's just one example. For another example, say you are into some less well known car, say the Honda Preludes. They haven't made them for years. And I have not seen one at a Cars & Coffee that I can recall. But, if I were into these (like say I owned one in high school or college), I would likely start talking to the guys with a Honda S2000. Maybe there is a local Honda club, and that might lead to more information on Preludes. Maybe some one with an S2000 can lead to a connection to finding a Prelude, if you were so interested you wanted to find one to buy.

What if you want to get into cars and have no idea what you like. You could talk to people with cars that you find interesting to look at and ask about them. Get details and find out why people like them. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get people to talk about their cars. Be careful... once you open this can of worms... you will be one of the guys that just happens to know that only the Cobra edition of the Mustangs from 1999-2004 came with an Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). I say this as just an example of the little trivia you start to learn when you talk to people about their cars. You don’t have to like any one car, but sooner or later you will like some cars more than others, and start asking more detailed questions. BTW... the 2015 Mustang is supposed to finally get an IRS across all models.

So, we went off topic a little. The Cars & Coffee events are so casual and easy to attend I just can't get enough of them.

There was an event in San Antonio called Coffee and Rides (it had a web site, but it is does not exist anymore). It was held the last Saturday of the month. The story I heard was that a couple of guys did some bad burnouts and almost hit a spectator. So they shut the entire event down.

Fortunately a local Mustang car club got a new version started and moved it to another location (the Lowe's parking lot), and got a little sponsorship. They also got a police presence to keep stupid things from happening. It's a shame a couple of bad apples spoiled months of fun for all.

The event is now called Coffee and Cars San Antonio.

I try to attend one of the two different events in Austin once in a while.

There is little a story there. Austin had an Official Cars & Coffee in Austin. This is a version of the Official Cars & Coffee mentioned at the top of this article. This was held in Leander, a small "town" in Austin (I don't know what to call it). Well, the sponsors of the Cars & Coffee moved it to another location. While doing so they changed the day. When it was at Leander it was on the first Sunday of every month. When the official sponsors moved it to The Oasis on Lake Travis they also moved it to the second Sunday of the month.

As it turned out... so many people would attend the "car show" at Leander that it maintained its following and is now called... yep... Leander Cars and Coffee.


So, do a little digging, I am sure you can find a casual, regular car show to attend in your area.