Car Corner
Flipboard on the iPad

October 2, 2012
By Scott Lewis

This month is a cop out. I really don't have a strong topic to cover. But I could not help telling you how I seem to be getting almost all my automotive news lately.

I recently received an iPad. It did not take long for me to install Flipboard, a news aggregate application. You can find plenty of information about it all over. I really like it for its automotive section. There is so much here that I hardly have to look elsewhere.

There is a general Auto topic you can "subscribe" to. I think that is what they call it. You can select topics to have tiles placed on the main Flipboard page. I call that subscribing. I subscribe to the general Auto category as well as to the Motor Trend and Car and Drivr feeds.

I love it. I have discovered so much more than I would have ever found before. The most unusual topic I found was Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. This is a Jerry Seinfeld bit. It is quite funny most of the time. I especially loved the second episode with Ricky Gervais where Jerry drives him around (to get coffee... get it) in an Austin Healey 3000. Ricky's impressions of this "Death Machine" in the middle of New York was well worth watching and got me hooked on the series.

If you are into cars in any way and have a device that runs a version of Flipboard, you must get this app. You will not regret it. OK. Maybe you will regret it when it sucks all the free time out of your day. And this is just for the auto stuff. Flipboard has plenty of other topics... just none as important as cars!

Highly Recommended.