Car Corner
Found New Feature - Aux Input Level

November 1, 2011
By Scott Lewis

I was on a drive with a Houston Mini Cooper group. We were traveling through the Texas Hill Country on and around The Twisted Sisters.

The first leg of this journey was a little quite, so I wanted to listen to some music. There wasn't anything inspiring on the radio so I plugged my Zune into the Aux Jack I installed in February.

I just could not get enough volume out of the radio. I made sure the Zune's volume was maxed out... and the car's radio was maxed out. Still not loud enough. I decided to go through the options on the radio hoping to find an option that would increase volume as the surrounding sound increased. I know I saw this mentioned in my previous Mini, but it did not work. I was desperate, so I poked around.

I saw the usual suspects... Bass, Treble, Balance, Fade, Aux Level, Mini h/k. Wait... What was that... Aux Level. This was at 0 (zero). I gave it a shot and turned the knob... sure enough this would go as high Level 5. At that setting the volume was quite loud.

It is amazing that I have had that Aux Jack installed for over 6 months and I just now learned that there was a Aux Level option for it. Wow!

This is a real treat for listening to Podcasts. At highway speed with the A/C going full blast (a necessity in San Antonio where we were in 100+ degree heat for most of the summer... including almost all of September) some podcasts were barely auditable. I had to struggle to hear them. Not anymore.


Now I can listed to podcasts with easy... regardless on the surroundings. And when Steppenwolf's Born To Be Wild comes on... hold onto your ears.. because it will be LOUD!