Car Corner
Removing Background

August 2, 2011
By Scott Lewis

This was a busy month. I did not have time to do what I wanted. I was hoping to show you the first image I was going to use for my upcoming 2012 Car Calendar.

I was going to show you how I planned to take a car out of its background, and place it into another background.

Unfortunately, I suck at it... so far. Below is my very first attempt. I did not try to remove the grass form in front of the tires. Because when I stepped back and looked at this image I was not pleased, and decided I won't use it.

Next month will be my annual Cars Worth Waiting For column. Hopefully in my October column I will show you a few pictures where I did a good job of placing cars into backgrounds that will make the most of the image for use in a calendar.

Here is the before image:

Here is the same car placing into a picture of a empty road:


Sorry you were short changed this month. But next month will be worth it. Hope to see you then.