Car Corner
Prius - A Day In The Life

July 4, 2011
By Scott Lewis

While I was in New York, a friend lent me his Prius for a day. I have to say... I definitely see the appeal.

From my short time with my best friends car, I drive from New Jersey through Manhattan and onto Long Island. The next day I drove back to Jersey.

The Prius is very comfortable, with plenty of leg room front and back. The car has plenty of power... something I would not have imagined. And my friend has averaged 47 mpg over 50K+ miles.

I am sold.

No... the Prius is not sporty... by any definition of the term. However, the Power Mode button does make a significant difference in the power delivery of the car. The moment I emerged from the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan I hit the Power Button. The difference in acceleration was very noticeable, and made darting through New York City traffic a care free event.

If I was in the market for a new sedan... and wanted to get 45-50 mpg... I would seriously consider the Prius. It actually puts my Mini Cooper S to shame with my average of about 28 mpg. But the Prius would never keep up with my Mini Cooper on 337 (link).


If comfortable. economic transportation is your thing... the Prius is perfect. If anything remotely resembling sport is in list of desirable features, look elsewhere.