Car Corner
Cars 4 a Cause

April 3, 2011
By Scott Lewis

This month I took my car to a car show... and actually entered it. O.K. I went because I was going with the Austin Mini Cooper Car Club (AMCCC) and it was to raise money for charity.

The AMCCC dominated in numbers... but the most expensive cars won. So I (and my fellow Mini owners) had little chance of beating a $300,000 Lamborghini in the Modern Foreign class.

Here are the cars. As usual, click on picture here will take you to a higher resolution image.


This car caught my eye for three reasons. 1) It had a three on the tree manual. 2) It had a cloth top, like modern convertibles. 3) It was driven by a woman, most unusual because of the first item.


See you next month.