Car Corner
Auxiliary Input on Mini Cooper S

February 1, 2011
By Scott Lewis

Procrastination, or better yet, sloth... got the best on me this past month.

On my way to work one day the Belkin FM Transmitter that I use in my car to listen to my Zune was picking up a Tejano station. I tried most of the way to work to try and find another station to use, but it was hopeless.

It was time to act. I order an Auxiliary Input Jack for my 2004 Mini Cooper S. The part arrived about a week before the end of January. I meant to install it in my car the last week of January. Unfortunately When I did my taxes that weekend I found out I will owe Uncle Sam over $5,000.

This can only be attributed to my own stupidity. In April 2010 I separated from my wife (read Life 2.0 here). I created a month budget for myself based on my paycheck and all the bills I would incur on my own.

The stupid part came when I did not account for having no deductions on my own. Over the years I would adjust my deduction status so that we as a couple would have more money each month while hopefully still getting a refund at the end of the year. The refunds stopped as my wife's and my salary grew to reduce the amount of money we would get for the child tax credit.

Now living on my own I end up owing about $5,300 come this April.

This left me depressed enough that I didn't work on installing the Auxiliary Input Jack in my car. However, next month I will cover the installation... with pictures.

Until then I am trying to figure out how I can pay The Man what I owe... while at the same time changing by deduction status so that The Man gets an extra $200 per paycheck so I won't have to go through this next year. I don't think my budget can take a $400/month cut, so I may be looking for a smaller apartment this spring.

I'll keep you posted.