Car Corner
Three Car Shows

November 1, 2008
By Scott Lewis

I went to three, count them... one, two, three... car shows in October. How cool is that? My youngest son went to all three with me. That was the really cool part.

So this month I will take a break from the gal mileage issues and show you some pictures. Now, right up front I need to say something. With three car shows it was getting a little much taking pictures at each one. So as you might expect I have fewer pictures from the last show. But there were other reasons for that. My son almost didn't go to the last car show. It was a it much. I promised him it would be very short. It was not. But once there he wanted to see it all, so we spent most of the time at the third one just walking the isles of cars and not taking pictures. Also, the cars were packed in like sardines at the last show so getting pictures was harder than any show I have been to on a long time.

Enough of that. Here are the shows. Feel free to click on the thumbnails for full 6 Megapixel resolutions copes of the pictures

Show #1 - International Auto Show

This is the typical new car show that goes from major city to major city. San Antonio does not get any of the cool announcements like Detroit, New York or Chicago. So there is nothing here you haven't seen before.

The one big disappointment at this show was the lack of the Chevy Volt. Even my son wanted to see it. I know the Chevy Volt changed its looks to something like a regular car, rather than the radical original concept car, but I still would have like to see it.

The good news was that they had a Challenger R/T you could actually sit in, but they only has a Camaro convertible on a big platform that you could not touch. My son and I noticed a lack of Porsches. Just one lonely Boxster.

We start with the Pony Cars and the Challenger in a really nice shade of Blue. The sticker was $37K with options.

  Challenger R/T 45th Anniversary Mustang 45th Anniversary Camaro Convertible Shelby GT500

Here are some nice daily drivers coupes & convertibles. The Miata disappointed me exactly as expected. The cup holder in the door hits my knee. Hope they fix that because I could see getting one of these as an inexpensive convertible.

Audi A5 Accord Coupe SLK 350 Boxster Miata

Here is the ZL1 and Z06 Corvettes. I also show the bad-ass Nissan GT-R and a Lotus.

    ZR1 Corvette Z06 Corvette GT-R Lotus

My son loves the PT Cruiser. This should make a great first car for him. And I love the new CTS.

PT Cruiser Cadillac CTS

They had a small section of classic cars. Actually, they had two small sections if you count the 4 classic Camaros near the new Camaro. Here are my favorites from this show. I love Monte Carlos, so seeing this at this kind of show was a real treat from me. I have seen this Mustang at a number of local shows over the years. The VW was a neat old car and I had to include at least one classic Camaro.

Monte Carlo Mustang Carmen Ghia Camaro

Show #1 - Mopar Show

This is a small annual show. I saw some cars I remember from the past, and some I did not.

My friend had his 67 Coronet R/T there. He missed last year's show but he was there this year. It is powered by the original 440 and four speed. I told him to get a car that Year One makes a catalog for, but he likes these boxy Mopars. Nobodies perfect.

Coronet R/T Coronet R/T Coronet R/T Coronet R/T

A bunch of Road Runners and Chargers.

Road Runner Road Runner Chargers & Road Runners Charger Charger

Of course we have to show Challengers and Barracudas. In fact, I was able to get my son to tell the difference between 70, 71 & 72 Barracudas.

Barracuda Challenger Barracuda AAR Cuda Challenger

Barracuda Challenger Challenger Barracuda

Show #1 - Mustang Club Sponsors Open Car Show

This was a show that was being held by a Mustang club. That is what I thought when I headed to it. I was surprised how many other vehicles were there. There were packed in like sardines. There were a lot of Mustangs. I managed to teach my son how to tell the different between 65, 66, 67, 68, 69 & 70 Mustangs. I even managed to show him the difference in some of the Shelby years as well as got a little education myself.

Here are the old Mustangs

Old Mustangs Old Mustangs Shelby The Real Bullit

And some new Mustangs

New Mustangs Transformer Style Transformer

Here were some other cars I got pictures of. I only had 3 minutes of battery power at the start of this show. Oops! Remember to recharge those batteries.

Dueces 69 Camaro Corvette Cuda Restored Old School Bus


Next month I will try to come up with something to continue the trend in gas mileage.