Car Corner
Next Car - BMW 3 Series Convertible

June 1, 2007
By Scott Lewis

One large car payment instead of two small(er) payments.

We have a new wrinkle in the new car purchase department. Instead of getting a new SUV we may trade in my Mini Cooper S Convertible for a BMW 3 Series Convertible.

Long time readers know that I bought my wife a 1999 Porsche 911 Cabriolet for her 40th birthday. This was in 2004. Well, 2005 brought in a new version of the 911, and that slight nagging feeling that there is something faster out there was itching. My wife once asked me if I would mind if she trading in the 911 for a newer model. I told her that it was her car to do with whatever she wanted. If she felt it had too much sentimental value being a 40th birthday present then she could keep it. She would not hurt my feeling if she traded up to getting a newer, faster model.

My wife really likes the BMW M3 Convertible. We even sat in one at the dealership. I checked out the rear seat. A pet peeve of mine. I hate having to move my seat forward when one of my kids are sitting behind me when I am driving. The M3 had a tight, but bearable back seat. A little negotiating would be in order when putting my oldest son back there.

Then my wife mentioned she wanted to get an M3. It had been a long time since we sat in one. In fact, the new 3 series coupes were still months away from the dealer's inventory. I merely said, "So you want to trade your Porsche in on a M3?" Nope... she wants me to trade my Mini Cooper S Convertible in on a M3.

My wife is thinking that instead of getting a new SUV we could trade my car in on a BMW 3 Series Convertible. Instead of two smaller car payments we would just have one big car payment. We would keep our Acura MDX for when we need to carry a lot of people, and we would share the BMW. Sharing the BMW means I would keep my 93 Camaro and I would drive that when it was my wife's turn to drive the Bimmer. This also allows her to keep her 40th birthday present.


So, next year we will be taking a trip to the BMW dealership. Will this happen? Would we get a M3? Or will any 3 Series Convertible be acceptable? These are all question that will have to be answered at a later time.