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December 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

During the summer Motor Trend magazine held a photo contest. They called it the Canon EOS Rebel XT "No Limits" Photo Contest. You had to take a picture of your own car, but you could mess with it anyway you wanted, no limits.

I never really enter contests because I know I will loose, but I decided to enter the Motor Trend contest. Hey, they were giving away a Canon Rebel digital camera.

I didn't win anything... by the fact that they never contacted me. The submitted pictures are supposed to show up in the January edition of the magazine, along with their Car of the Year award. Since they never contacted me, I feel fine in publishing my pictures here. I would not have been allowed to do that if they were going to use my pictures in their magazine. There lose is your gain.

I submitted three photos. I expect the January edition to hit the newsstands in December, so here you go. Pickup the Motor Trend issue and see how my pictures compare.

cloud_mini_2.jpg (561452 bytes) Objects in hand appear larger than they are.

moonrise1 copy.jpg (3503938 bytes) Moonrise in Cooperville.

faster_than.jpg (483534 bytes) Faster than... uh, more powerful than... well at least it has an S.