Car Corner
Lonestar Nationals

November 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

I visited the Good Guy's 14th Annual Lonestar Nationals. This time I am really going to try and keep the words to a minimum. I didn't take that many pictures... because I took movie clips. My new Sony DSC-T9 camera records video at 640 x 480 and 30 fps. Below are some of the better clips with some of the few pictures I took.

I am going to keep the comments brief. First are the pictures. Most are about what you see. Two worth commenting on are the yellow Cuda convertible. This is a Nash Bridges look-alike complete with a Hemi engine. I think they were selling them for about $75K. I could be wrong, I didn't take notes. 

The other noteworthy car is a mid seventies Corvette... in full mid seventies show and no go. It had a lot of flash. This was a very popular thing in the dark days of performance.

Oh yea, my brother-in-law was very impressed by the 65 Mustang Convertible. It was for sale for $35,0000.

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Now for the video clips. These are for those that have never been to a large scale outdoor car show. I was trying to do two things. First, try to capture the essence of walking though a diverse group of cars. Second, I was hoping to give a feel for the scale of the event.

I also wanted to try and do a quickie video profile of a few cars. Below is the Spurs 69 Camaro, a Chip Foose designed 69 Camaro (which you can buy, I think they are going to sell starting at $125,000) and a 67 Mustang that was in the car corral. If you watch the clip to the end you can see how much it was selling for.

One other thing. It turned out there was an air show at a nearby air field. I tried to get a clip of the Thunderbirds as they flew over.