Car Corner
Mopar Show, with a Connection

November 1, 2005
By Scott Lewis

I attended a small, local Mopar Car Show here in San Antonio. This show had a connection, and I don't mean a Direct Connection. (Does anyone besides me get that?) The connection is that the president of my company had his 1967 Coronet R/T at the show.

Rather than blab on for a few paragraphs I thought I would just show you the pictures and put short (yea, right) captions with them.

P1003629.jpg (491505 bytes) P1003632.jpg (504283 bytes)
Here is a row of Mopars. The blue R/T (3rd on the left) is the boss' car. The Boss's car. A numbers matching original R/T with a 440 and a 4 speed.
P1003633.jpg (524272 bytes) P1003626.jpg (266448 bytes)
I used to have one of these. 73 Road Runner GTX with a 440. I think this sweet 69 Coronet R/T Convertible showed up my boss.
P1003631.jpg (491505 bytes) P1003642.jpg (220005 bytes)
A row of E-Bodies A really liked this one. It had a fender emblem that simple said "V8".
P1003638.jpg (491505 bytes) P1003628.jpg (720874 bytes)
Love "billboard" graphics. Wow! I love it!
P1003644.jpg (753641 bytes) P1003647.jpg (589806 bytes)
Looks like just another car in a parking lot. Yea, right! What Mopar show would be complete without a Charger.
P1003641.jpg (589806 bytes) P1003634.jpg (688107 bytes)
Old Hemi! New Hemi!
Notice the old Six-Pack air cleaner.
P1003646.jpg (524272 bytes) P1003650.jpg (491505 bytes)
You gotta love Mopar colors... like these!
P1003623.jpg (557039 bytes) P1003624.jpg (371850 bytes)
A new generation of Mopar lovers! This one looked good enough to drive home.
P1003649.jpg (491505 bytes) P1003652.jpg (423449 bytes)
This should be a great sleeper. I would love it for a daily driver. Another shot of my boss's car.