Car Corner
Time For Goodbye

March 1, 2003
By Scott Lewis

I could not find a topic to write about. I had one in mind, but it would take too long, and it is already the end of the month. So to come up with something I will break the bad news. I am selling my 67 Camaro RS Convertible.

There are a number of reasons I am selling my classic car. I would love to point the finger at one of them, but it doesn't matter.

The car is not practical. I was hoping to make this car a daily driver classic. That will not happen. The car lacks so many "necessities" that it would be years before I could afford to make it a daily driver. The car lacks power steering, power disc brakes, power top and air conditioning. The power top won't happen because it would be such a change to the car it probably could not be returned to original. And it would be very expensive. Air conditioning will cost me at least a grand, and another grand for the power disc brakes (done right) and maybe another grand for the power steer and a suspension rebuild.

Even with all that I would still need a good stereo, new wheels and tires, engine work for more performance. The list goes on. When I bought this car I expected to do all those things over time. But I am getting frustrated having bought a car in very good condition without those amenities. I find that I am forcing myself to enjoy the car. I can't take it to the mall, for fear of it getting stolen. I can't get classic car insurance for it since I want to drive it to work... and drive it a lot. It is very hot in the summer in South Texas. When I was driving it last summer I came home everyday with my back completely drenched with sweat.

Is this enjoying a car? Or telling myself it is a great car despite its lack of creature comforts. In the couple of months between winter and summer it is nice to drive with the top down. But I spend far too much time leaving it in the garage. 

The Texas sun is so bad I have to put the top up when parked at work or the interior is too hot to sit in. Plus that is abusive to the interior and its longevity. So I am burdened with manually walking around the car to drop the top and put it back up. It definitely takes some of the fun out of driving it.

I need a modern convertible. And that is the goal.

Over the next couple of years I want to try and turn the tables. Currently I have a late model car that is good for everyday travel (93 Z28 Camaro) and a classic convertible for nice days. I am selling the 67 Camaro, and will eventually trade in my 93 Camaro for a modern convertible to use as daily transportation. Then I will get a classic car again... this time a coupe. That will be a car that is a project car specifically geared toward performance. I would hope it would be a big block 69 Camaro, still my favorite classic car.

So, for now I will drive the 67 through the Spring, but it will go on sale probably in April.

Next month I may go into detail on what I will do to prep the car for sale. After all I want to get as much for it as I can. I want to be in a position when people call. I hope to just say, "There is nothing wrong with the car. Come see it."

Until next time...