Car Corner
13th Annual National Dodge Charger Meet, Boerne, TX

October 1, 2001
By Scott Lewis

I must apologize, I attended the National Dodge Charger Meet in Boerne, TX. back in early June. Unfortunately for you... fortunate for me I guess, I have been seriously backlogged on articles. In fact, I pushed back four articles to get this one in here. (Over the next few months you can expect articles on reviving an old engine, searching for a project car for such an engine, budgeting a project, and more.)

The National Charger Meet is an annual event. It is put on by T.D.C., the National Dodge Charger Registry (Don't ask me what TDC stands for... I have spent at least an hour searching the Internet only find TDC. It doesn't even mention what it stands for on their own web site. I am inclined to say it is means The Dodge Charger, mainly because I can't think of anything else.) TDC puts on 6 of these events around the country. This way owners of Chargers that have registered won't have to travel too far to attend one.

The Boerne event is very pleasant. They hold it in the town square. This is a town block that has a nice gazebo and fountain. The cars all park on the grass. I love out door events. I saw some really nice Chargers. I also saw some unusual Chargers. I even got a better appreciation for some of the Chargers that are not in the second generation, from 68-70.

Don't get me wrong, I still much prefer the 68-70 Chargers, and it is still the year and style I would get. But at least I like the other years a little more having now seen them  in person. (Before you think I like Chargers because of The Dukes of Hazzard, think again. One of my best friend's brother had a 70 Charger R/T with a 440, and I bought a 73 Road Runner GTX 440 from my friend's other brother, the original owner. All this had no influence from the TV show.)

As I understand it they had 104 cars at the event. Here are a handful of cars that caught my eye.

charger1f.jpg (139463 bytes)charger1b.jpg (150275 bytes)charger1i.jpg (102296 bytes)1968 Charger R/T - This was without a doubt my favorite car of the show. It was perfect. It was so clean, inside and out, that it really did look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. I would love this car. It had the wonderful 440 engine, but had an automatic. To be perfect it would need a Pistol Grip Shifter connected to a 4 speed.

charger2f.jpg (123033 bytes)charger2e.jpg (133748 bytes)charger2i.jpg (119874 bytes)1966/67 Charger Convertible - I don't know how to tell a 66 from a 67, and from looking at the sheet in the window neither does the owner. Under year is said "667." Go figure! What is important here is not just that this was the only convertible Charger, but the engine. I didn't even know they made any convertible Chargers, but I guess they did in 66 and/or 67. I am sure they never made any convertibles starting with the 68 model year. Like I said, the most notable thing about this car was that it had Chrysler's 528 Crate Hemi Engine. That was not a typo. I did not mean to type 426... it really is a 528 ci. engine rated at 610 horsepower. Wow! And this car was for sale. They told me it was appraised at $42,000, but they were asking $36,000. I was so blown away I forgot to ask what the year was.

charger3f.jpg (134360 bytes)1970 Charger. Here is the best example of a Plum Crazy Charger I could get a picture of. The sun was very bright, and many cars were parked under trees. This made for terrible light & shadows. This picture is good enough to show the color. I love Plumb Crazy. If I was ordering a Charger new I would get it in Plumb Crazy, but with a white top and interior like this next car.

charger4f.jpg (132465 bytes)charger4r.jpg (139902 bytes)1969 Charger - You have to hand it to the Mopar guys. They really knew how to pick colors. Here is a nice Lime Twist Charger. This car has no choice but to stand out in a crowd. Even my wife liked this one, though she admitted she would never want a Charger. Hmmm, she doesn't want a Charger... she wants and automatic... I want a four speed.... a four speed Charger... Hmmm!

charger5f.jpg (128807 bytes)charger5e.jpg (123434 bytes)1969 Charger - If you want a lot of engine, this is it. Here's is a Big Bad Blown Charger. The engine is a 440 with the roots style supercharger. I would expect the owner had a lot of money in this car. I have always wanted to own a car with a blower sticking through the hood, but recently I am starting to think this is overkill.

CHARGER6.JPG (104011 bytes)The General Lee - I know you were wondering if there were any General Lee look-a-likes at this event. Personally I would not own a car this copied. But some do. My wife overheard some people talking and they were saying that these cars were actually used in the TV show. I don't know if I believe that of all three. Notice the difference in the shades of orange. I can't image the two lighter cars were ever the same as the darker one. Regardless I was hoping to see John Schneider's car here. In case you forgot, John played Bo Duke in the series. He lives here in San Antonio, and I happen to know he owns one of the General Lees from the show. If either of these three General's was John's I had know way of knowing. (BTW... I had to put these cars in this article or it just wouldn't be incomplete.)


The event included a two hour drive through the Texas Hill Country for the participants. It made me want to buy a Charger just to attend this event. I don't know if I would buy a Charger anytime soon, but eventually I can see myself owning one.

I have seen Chevys and Chargers, I think it is the Blue Oval's turn. I need a good Ford or Mustang event to attend. My wife likes Mustangs, so I think I should be able to easily convince her to go to an event chock full of Stangs.