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Classic Car Search (My Next Car... Again)

September 1, 2001
By Scott Lewis

(Note: I almost abandoned this article. I was laid off in July and this topic lost its place in my heart for finding a job. I wrote this article back in the March-May 2001 timeframe. At that time I had no clue that I would be unemployed when I posted it. So, although I have no intentions of getting a classic car for some time due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been hoping that if I find employment soon enough I will try to use my severance package to help buy a project car. Stay tuned because I have written just such an article, a search for a project car, at the same time I wrote this article. I will post that article in a couple of months. I spent a lot of time on this article and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it.)

Yes, it's that time again. Time to look into the crystal ball to see what the market tells me I should do about my next car. For those of you new to my site, I have written about this topic before. The first time was to take a look at current production cars and see what I liked... and hopefully could afford. The second time was actually an experiment to see what vehicles from the Muscle Car era I could find for sale on the Internet. For the third round I combined the two previous efforts to try and decide if I should get a new car, or a classic 60's car. Since I was leaning toward getting a new car, I had to keep up with the rumors about them. That led to the fourth round were I became more and more discouraged by the new cars that appealed to me in my price range. In fact, it was that fourth article that helped me decide I want to get a Classic Muscle/Pony Car. The final nail in the coffin for not getting a new car came when I read in the October issue of Popular Hot Rodding magazine that the last year and 35th Anniversary Camaro would only get the same engine as the current model. Without the 385 horsepower LS6 engine from the Vette, there is not enough different from my 93 Z-28 to justify paying close to $30,000 for a Camaro.

I am officially calling this article my Classic Car Search. I searched  the Internet as if I was going to buy a car. I concentrated on the three cars I wanted most: 1969 Camaro, 65-68 Mustang & 68-72 Corvette... preferably convertibles. I did my best to narrow the search to Mustangs & Camaros in the $5000 - $20,000 range. I allowed myself to look at Corvettes up to $30,000, even though I really didn't want to spend more than $20,000 for any car.

I wanted to provide an example of the perfect car - one each for the Camaro, Mustang & Corvette. For the Camaro I tried to find a 69 SS 396 Convertible with 4-speed. In the Mustang stable I tried to find a 65-66 GT Convertible with K-Code 289 (271hp) and a 4-speed. Finally, for the Corvette I tried to find a 68-72 427 or 454 Convertible. Since my wife wants to drive the Vette I didn't restrict this ultimate car to a 4-speed, and allowed for an automatic. Let's call these "target cars," since they are the targets to shoot for... except I need to look in my price range.

Some background... I am a nut for first generation Camaros (67-69). My favorite year is 69. I am very flaky about the RS option on these Camaros. I really like the hide-away headlight as part of the RS package on the 67 & 68 models, so much so that I don't like the standard headlight setup much. However, I prefer the standard headlight setup on the 69 Camaro, and would rather not have the RS option in that year. Go figure! Finally, I really like the Split Bumper arrangement of the early second generation Camaros (70-72) with the RS option. If I had to settle for not getting a convertible I would add these Camaros to my list of "targets." All this will become important information when you see the Camaros listed below. 

You can click on any of the images to see larger versions. Enjoy!

Target Cars - Here are the four target cars. The fourth being a 63-67 era Corvette, just in case. The idea is to find a car as close to one of these as possible... at a price I can afford.

 Target Camaro Convertible
69SS_F.JPG (73679 bytes)
69SS_R.JPG (94313 bytes)
69SS_I.JPG (71828 bytes)
69SS_E.JPG (87330 bytes)
1969 Camaro SS Convertible
Rare Burnished Brown Metallic Paint With White Stripes, 396/350HP # Matching, Frame Off Restoration, 4 Speed Transmission, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Console With Gauge Package, Rosewood Wheel, AM/FM Stereo Radio, Tinted Glass, Deluxe Black Interior, Black Power Top, Protect O Plate. This Is THE Car That The Franklin Mint Used To Make Their "New" Camaro Convertible Which Will Be Out Soon. This Is A Very Authentic & High Quality Camaro That Should Please Anyone!

Price: $41,900

Scott's Comments: Obviously this car is way out of my price range. In fact, it is so high I could never justify buying it without winning the lottery. I would be afraid to drive it. But this car does represent the Target Camaro. 69 SS Convertible (not an RS) with 396 & four speed. Now, all I have to do is find a car as close to this as possible in the $15-20K price range.

Source: Corvettes & Classics Inc
 Target Mustang Convertible
65gtconv_front.jpg (52229 bytes)
65gtconv_int.jpg (51261 bytes)
65gtconv_eng.jpg (69930 bytes)
1965 Mustang GT Convertible
High-Performance K-Code 289/271 HP, 4 speed, dealer add on air conditioning, power disc brakes, styled steel wheels, factory K-code convertible, with (added) GT equipment package, Hi-Po rally pac, power top. Super rare and desirable car! 

Price: $25,900

Scott's Comments: Again, this car is over budget, but not nearly as badly as the 69 Camaro above. Once again, the idea here is to present the Target Mustang. 65-66 GT Convertible with the GT lights in the grill, trumpet exhaust through the rear valance panel, K-Code engine with 271 hp and a 4 speed. And this one is a really nice blue with white interior. Perfect. Absolutely Perfect! (I get tired of seeing wimpy colors, or white on red Mustangs.) If it were 1965 this is how I would order a Mustang. I am concerned with two things on this particular Mustang: 1) "dealer add on air conditioning," and 2) "(added) GT equipment." Is this an original car, or not? If this car was priced between $15-20K I could stop looking for Mustangs.

Source: Cars 2NV Corvette's & Classics

Target 68-72 Corvette Convertible
69vblue_f.jpg (73841 bytes)
69vblue_i.jpg (72490 bytes)
69vblue_e.jpg (75828 bytes)
1970 Convertible
Mulsanne Blue with Bright Blue Interior and White Soft Top. 454/390hp with 4 Speed Transmission and Matching Numbers. Power Windows, Power Brakes, and AM/FM Radio. Rally Wheels with correct Firestone Wide Oval Tires. Beautiful car with strong detail throughout.

Price: Inquire

Scott's Comments: Since we have a Target Camaro and Target Mustang, I thought it was important to set the stage for a Target Corvette. 68-72 Convertible with big block and 4 speed in a really nice shade of blue. This one was listed as Inquire for the price, which means I cannot afford it. At least I have a concrete example of what I am looking for. I doubt I could ever afford a car as nice as this, so I will be looking for the best compromise to get as nice a 68-72 Stingray Convertible as possible.

Source: Mershon's World Of Cars

Target 63-67 Corvette Convertible
66vette_f.jpg (75238 bytes)
66vette_i.jpg (74563 bytes)
66vette_e.jpg (78068 bytes)
1966 Corvette Convertible
Nassau Blue with White Interior and White Soft Top. 427/425hp (1967 JE-351 Block) with 4 speed transmission. Factory Side Exhaust, Headrest Seats, SS Brakes, AM/FM Radio, Positraction Rear Axle, Power Antenna and Tinted Glass. Knock off Wheels with Gold line Tires. Great body fit, excellent paint and interior with classy color combination, and impressive detail throughout.

Price: Inquire

Scott's Comments: I never would have though I could afford a Corvette from the 63-67 years. However, in researching this article I think it is possible to get something. If I had the money, this car is very close to perfect, a true Target Corvette. A Big Block Convertible with 4-speed, side pipes and knock off wheels. If I had the money to afford this car (when they list the car as "Inquire," I know I cannot afford it) I would also keep my eye out for a fuel injected small block version (63-65). Either way, this is a beautiful car that I would love to own. This car is not a numbers matching car, which is something I expect to have to deal with to afford a 63-67 era Corvette. Also, Corvettes of this vintage look so good in coupe format that I would easily consider giving up on a convertible.

Source: Mershon's World Of Cars

First Choice Cars - These cars are as close as I could get to the target cars in my price range. I let three non target cars on this list. The three non target cars were so nice I would consider calling about them before making any buying decision.

Camaro Convertibles
69rsconv_l.jpg (26428 bytes)
69rsconv_r.jpg (17337 bytes)
69rsconv_b.jpg (20268 bytes)
1969 Camaro RS Convertible
Fresh pro restoration, new comfort weave interior. 350 V-8, TH 350 transmission, dual exhaust, Goodyear Eagle tires. Way to many things to list. This car is clean and straight, call and make an offer before its gone!

Price: $14,000

Scott's Comments: So it is an RS, not an SS. I have said that I don't really like the hide-away headlights as part of the RS package on the 69 Camaro (though I love it on the 67 & 68 models). But this car looks really nice. The pictures look great. I find I really enjoy looking at this 69 RS. Too bad it has an automatic. If this car is not a numbers matching car I would yank that tranny for a good manual transmission. In fact, I might use the transmission to help talk the price down. I would also prefer a lighter color, particularly the interior, but nothing is perfect.

Look how many 69 Camaro SS Convertibles with 4-speeds made this list. None. Every car has been some kind of compromise. Auto instead of manual, no SS, RS instead of SS, 67 or 68 instead of 69. I might have to settle for something like this. This car looks great, so it makes the compromise very palatable.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

69RED.JPG (66657 bytes) 1969 Camaro Convertible
Correct 350 CID V-8 with 4 BC, dual exhaust, 4 speed manual transmission, power steering, red vinyl bucket seat interior, console, AM/FM cassette, trunk deck spoiler, Rally wheels, white letter radials, white convertible top with red boot, and correct Red finish with white pin stripe.

Price: $18,950

Scott's Comments: Red on red is a little much for me. Also, it is not an SS. However, it is a V-8 with a 4-speed. It looks very sharp. The price is a little steep. I should really like this car, but I just can't get the warm fuzzies over it. This car is worth calling about, but I can't help think I should be able to find a V-8 & 4-speed in a SS for under $20K. If I got this car I would probably change the seats and boot to white to match the top. For some reason this is not my favorite, but is listed here because it is a 69 Camaro convertible with a V-8 & 4-speed.

Source: Duffy's Collectible Cars

69white_f.jpg (43760 bytes)
69white_r.jpg (42180 bytes)
69white_i.jpg (40562 bytes)
69white_e.jpg (48023 bytes)
1969 Camaro Convertible
SS trim, 350, 4V, auto, cold AC, PS, bucket seats, console, new paint & black SS stripes on a very solid body, rally wheels with new raised white letter tires, cowl hood, front & rear spoilers, super sharp!

Price: $17,500

Scott's Comments: Darn, another automatic. Why is it so hard to find a nice 69 Camaro SS V-8 4-speed Convertible. This car looks very sharp. If this car had a 4 speed it would have been ranked first. I am not a huge fan of white cars, though I prefer them a lot more than black... now that I live in South-Central Texas. This car would get serious consideration. It would have been better if it had the console gauges.

Source: Low Country Classics

69CONV_L.JPG (16690 bytes) 1969 Camaro SS 350 Convertible
Numbers matching 350/300 hp. 75,000 original miles, new paint and interior. Very good top with new window. Florida car never rusted. Excellent underbody and frame. Rebuilt front suspension. Everything original, only a 2nd owner vehicle. Many other new parts. Complete show car, drives like new.

Price: $17,500

Scott's Comments: What tranny? If the ad said this car had a 4-speed, I would have ranked it 1st. This is an SS, and I like them better than the RS (in 69 only). However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture comes up a little short. The pictures of the green 69 RS above look much better. This car would definitely get a phone car to determine the transmission. If it has a 4-speed it would get top consideration. I would need to see better pictures before flying across the country to see the car in person.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

68ss350_f.jpg (43952 bytes)
68ss350_r.jpg (39219 bytes)
68ss350_i.jpg (36560 bytes)
68ss350_e.jpg (46601 bytes)
1968 Camaro Convertible
SS350, 4 speed, PS, new top, paint & interior, runs, drives & looks great!

Price: $15,500

Scott's Comments: Check out that bench seat. That's cool, especially for a manual transmission equipped Camaro. I just couldn't resist this car, even though it is a 68 without the hide-away headlights part of the RS package. If this were an RS I would be all over it. I have never seen a bench seat in a Camaro with an armrest. This car made it to the first choice section because of that seat. I wonder how hard it would be to put an RS grill & hide-away headlights on a car not equipped with them from the factory.

Source: Low Country Classics

67yellow_f.jpg (74464 bytes)
67yellow_r.jpg (81233 bytes)
67yellow_e.jpg (88919 bytes)
1967 Camaro Convertible
396 4spd Butternut yellow with black convertible top and black interior. Like new tires.

Price: $13,900

Scott's Comments: This car is very plain. It is not an RS or SS. But it has a big block and a 4-speed with an attractive price. This is like a factory stripper that just wants to go fast. I would have to look this car over very carefully, but it looks like a nice original car. This is a little pricey for a project car, but if it is original I would go for it. Store the original engine and stick a crate 502 in it with all the original 396 emblems... a great sleeper. Notice this is the only big-block Camaro that made it to the first choice section.

Source: Yesteryear Classic Autos

Mustang Convertibles
66BLUE.JPG (59163 bytes) 1966 Mustang Convertible
289 CID A code V-8 with 4 BC, hood scoop, trumpet dual exhaust, automatic transmission, power steering, air, blue & white pony interior, console, wood type wheel, AM radio, Cragar Wheels, Radial T/A tires, black top, diamond gloss Night Mist Blue metallic with white stripes.

Price: $14,950

Scott's Comments: I came across this car while looking around with my wife. She loved it as much as I did. The automatic will go over great with her. The hood, stripes and wheels are not original; so I wonder how much else is not original. That's actually fine by me; I won't be afraid to drive it. The car looks extremely clean. I could definitely see myself driving the wheels off this car. This car's non stock status would mean it would make a great project car over time. Lets' see... 302 EFI engine with Vortec supercharger, Thunderbird sequential taillights, Shelby wheels and roll bar, etc. I can't wait to get started. I even had my wife checking loan payments on this one.

Source: Duffy's Collectible Cars
65convred_f.jpg (25087 bytes)
65convred_i.jpg (18630 bytes)
1965 Mustang Convertible
289 restored. Pony interior, power steering, power top (white), 3-speed, 144k miles. New: paint, suspension, power steering, tires, shocks, battery.

Price: $14,500

Scott's Comments: Take a quick look at the Resto-Mod Fastback below. This car would make a perfect candidate for the same kind of project... in a convertible. I really like the one below, and it would have been in this first choice section if it were a convertible. Regardless, this is a clean red on white (much more preferable than white on red, to me) Mustang Convertible with a V-8 and manual transmission. Drive it as is for a while then add GT grill lights and trumpet exhaust, EFI motor with a 5 speed, 17" wheels with Z-rated tires, etc., etc. Oh yea... and air conditioning from Vintage Air.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

66CONV_F.JPG (62802 bytes)
66CONV_I.JPG (73656 bytes)
66CONV_E.JPG (74290 bytes)
1966 Mustang Convertible
289-2V "C" code, 3-speed, air conditioning, Silver Blue - Blue, beautiful restoration, nice driver.

Price: $14,995

Scott's Comments: This looks like a really clean Mustang. I like the color, though would prefer a white interior. At least it is not black. With the V-8/manual combination this car would also make a good Resto-Mod candidate. And this one even has air conditioning. Ready to drive. The C code engine is the 2 bbl. engine, so more power would definitely be in the cards. If it is a numbers matching car I would store the engine and install a late model 5.0 and drive this car a lot. Oh, yea... don't forget the GT grill lights and trumpet exhaust when dropping in that crate 302 EFI motor. Maybe a Vortec supercharger for even more power. When can I start?

Source: Classic & Collectible Cars

65convbl_f.jpg (67486 bytes)
65convbl_i.jpg (53400 bytes)
1965 Mustang Convertible
Show quality. 80,000 proven miles with all repair orders since new with original title. Black with white top, white interior. 289 V8 engine, automatic, factory style fog lamps, dual trumpet exhaust, power steering, power brakes. Will e-mail photos of exterior, interior, underside, engine.

Price:  $16,900

Scott's Comments: This car is located in Texas. Since I could get away with not flying to see it, that makes its high price (relatively to the other Stangs on this list) go down a little easier. The white interior saved this one. I like the look of many cars in black, but they are not easy to live with in Texas. With a white interior this car should not be a problem. I would head over to Vintage Air to get an air conditioning system installed. The GT lights and trumpet exhaust are very nice additions. I wonder how this would look with a Shelby hood and two white... wait, silver stripes. No, gold stripes and make it look like a Shelby/Hurst clone. That would turn heads. If it didn't have an automatic I would rank this car 1st. Oh well, the automatic helps the Hurst clone thing. Since this car is in Texas, it is a no-brainer that I would check it out.

Source: Classic Car

65mconv_f.jpg (30611 bytes)
65mconv_r.jpg (33080 bytes)
65mconv_i.jpg (26489 bytes)
65mconv_e.jpg (33520 bytes)
1965 Mustang Convertible
289 'C' Code Upgraded to 225hp, Auto w/Floor Shift, Eye Catching Med Blue Metallic w/Blue Buckets, White Power Top, Documented Complete Restoration w/ Receipts and Driven Since Resto, Excellent Looking & Driving Car!

Price: $12,900

Scott's Comments: The C code engine is a 2 bbl version rated at 200 horsepower. By upgrading it they essentially added a 4 bbl carb and manifold to bring it up to 225 hp. No big deal. If I had a C code Mustang I would do more than that to increase performance. This is one nice looking Mustang. I really like the looks. And the price is very attractive. There is enough money left over in the budget to start adding the GT grill lights, air conditioning from Vintage Air and a reproduction console. Maybe recover the seats in white and get a white boot to match that top. I wonder how this color would look with white Shelby style stripes. This car definitely requires a phone call, especially at that price.

Source: Midwest Car Exchange

68gtaconv_f.jpg (65370 bytes)
68gtaconv_i.jpg (72621 bytes)
68gtaconv_e.jpg (76412 bytes)
1968 Mustang GT Convertible
390 factory "S" code, automatic, power steering & brakes, console, warning lights, styled steel wheels, fog lights, Nice Driver, Very Rare Big Block Convertible, Black on Black.

Price: $15,500

Scott's Comments: Why not have a big block in an early Mustang. I just had to put a big block Stang in the first choice section. Black on black... Yikes! In San Antonio that could be ruff. I swore off black cars after I traded in my 89 CRX (black on charcoal gray). It is just too hot in San Antonio. However, any car I would buy will be garage kept, and I park in a garage at work, so I might be able to tolerate a black on black car. Since the price is below my $20K budget I might be able to change the interior to white, even if it is just the seats and the boot. Too bad this car has an automatic, but that would go over great with my wife. This car could make a great Shelby clone, like Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds... but a convertible. When I need more power I can drop in a 428 Cobra Jet equipped with Edelbrock aluminum heads. That would make for one fast Stang. In the mean time I would just drive the 390 and pretend I am Steve McQueen in Bullit.

Source: Classic & Collectible Cars

Corvette Convertibles
72vette_f.jpg (83653 bytes) 1972 Corvette Convertible
Dark Blue with Black Interior and Black Soft Top. 350 with 4 Speed Transmission. Rally Wheels with White Letter Radials. Drives very well, but has aged paint and average interior. Would make a great first Vette!

Price: $13,900

Scott's Comments: Aged paint? It looks great in the picture. This car is perfect, and would you look at that price. I almost asked my wife if I could get a loan to buy this car now. Two things stopped me. 1) I don't have a garage to keep it in, and 2) it was listed as sold only a couple of days after I discovered it. Obviously it was a real bargain. Hopefully I will find its twin next year. Timing is important.

Source: Mershon's World Of Cars

68coppercv.jpg (63615 bytes) 1968 Corvette Convertible
Bronze, Tan soft top, matching numbers 327-300hp Automatic, ps, pb, Rare dark orange leather interior, Rally wheels and white lettered Goodyear Eagle radials. Super sharp condition. California / Nevada car.

Price: $19,995

Scott's Comments: Wow! This car blows me away. It is gorgeous. I assume it doesn't have air conditioning, which is its only flaw. It looks so good I don't even care that it is an automatic. Now that is saying something. If I had the money I would buy this car. This car replaced the 71 Orange Corvette now in the second choice section. That car is $5,000 more and has just as unusual a color. The Orange Vette was the last car in this section because of its price. This car was so attractive that it not only replaced that car, but moved up to the number one slot (of available cars. Note that the 72 Corvette above was sold before I could finish writing this article). I hope I can find a Vette I like as much as this one next year for under $20,000. If my garage was finished I would ask... no... I would beg my wife to let me buy this car.

Source: Cn'V Corvettes

68blue4spdcv.jpg (53816 bytes) 1968 Corvette Convertible
Medium Blue, White soft top, matching numbers 327-300hp 4 speed, Factory a/c, correct Bright Blue vinyl headrest seat interior, made for 68' Corvette am-fm-cass, Rally wheels with white lettered Goodyear radials. Very clean 38,000 mile Steel Bumper Roadster.

Price: $21,500

Scott's Comments: This car looks like a winner. Numbers matching 68 Vette with a 4-speed and only 38K miles. This is worth going a little over budget for. 300 horsepower is just enough to keep me from modifying it... for a while anyway. This is very close to my Target Vette and is only slightly over my $20,000 budget. If it were under $20K I could stop looking. The big question is... is it worth going over budget for that 4 speed. The Bronze Corvette above is within budget, but has an automatic. My wife would say go for the automatic. This is the one time I might agree.

Source: Cn'V Corvette

72vetteauto_f.jpg (61856 bytes)
72vetteauto_r.jpg (47763 bytes)
72vetteauto_i.jpg (42191 bytes)
1972 Corvette Convertible
350, auto, PS, PDB, cold AC, low original miles, never wrecked, a very nice original car with beautiful new paint, extremely sharp Vette!

Price: $17,500

Scott's Comments: If this car had a 4-speed it would be the number 1 ranked Vette on this list. The price is in my range, and it is even the right color. This car looks clean, but just a little off from the car above. Also, the interior doesn't "do it" for me that much. Maybe I could change it to white. This looks like it would make a great driver Corvette. My wife would love the automatic, so she could drive it. The price seems reasonable. Let's take it for a spin.

Source: Low Country Classics

69V4SD_F.JPG (54113 bytes)
69V4SD_R.JPG (78376 bytes)
69V4SD_E.JPG (91984 bytes)
1969 Corvette Convertible
Off chassis restoration 2 years ago. Garage kept. Very clean inside. Excellent paint. This one is for the serious Corvette collector. 350, 4-speed. AM/FM, power brakes, leather interior and power steering. 62,621 miles.

Price: $18,595

Scott's Comments: Oh, Baby! If this is true... a frame off restoration for under $20K. It doesn't mention whether it is a numbers matching car, so I would think it was not. That doesn't bother me. In fact, I think I would prefer it. I would feel less inclined to modify an all original Vette. Let's assume for a moment that this is a truly restored, but not numbers matching car. It looks like it is in excellent shape. I would love a blue on white car, but a red Vette would look great in my garage. Too bad it doesn't have air conditioning. I would have to call about this one.

Source: Gateway Classic Cars

68wht427cv.jpg (47318 bytes) 1968 Corvette 427 Convertible
Polar White with both white hardtop and new Black soft top. 79,000 miles, Rebuilt correct matching numbers IL 390hp engine 4 speed, ps, refurbished Black interior, factory am-fm, Rally wheels with exc. white lettered radials.

Price: $24,995

Scott's Comments: Now we're cooking. I just had to get a big block Vette on the list, even if it meant going over budget. Here we have a numbers matching, big block, 4-speed, convertible Corvette! If only it were blue. I will live. The price is just a tad high, but I think it is reasonable for what the car is. This is about the most I would spend on a Corvette, especially after seeing this one for this price. Everything else is a compromise. The only thing missing is air conditioning.

Source: Cn'V Corvette

Non Target Convertibles
70cougar_l.jpg (26035 bytes)
70cougar_i.jpg (24108 bytes)
1970 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Convertible
Dark metallic green, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, in excellent condition, runs & rides smooth. 351C.

Price: $13,900

Scott's Comments: Although the picture is small, it looks very nice. Cougars were built on a long wheelbase Mustang chassis. That means any performance parts for the Mustang should work on the Cougar. The Cougar was marketed as an upscale vehicle. Think of it as a Gentleman's Mustang. This one looks very clean and seems reasonably priced. I really like it. The 351 Cleveland should provide pretty good performance, especially if it is a 4bbl engine. This is my luxury convertible. I wonder if it has the rim blow horn.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

71olds442-cvrt.jpg (20815 bytes)
71olds442-cvrt-rear.jpg (22091 bytes)
71olds442-cvrt-int.jpg (23118 bytes)
71olds442-cvrt-mtr.jpg (25768 bytes)
1971 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible
Triple black, 350 ci Rocket motor, 350 turbohydramatic transmission, 4 bbl, power steering, power disc brakes, factory air conditioning, vinyl bucket seats with console, factory am radio, power top, dual exhaust, rally wheels with black wall tires, exhaust port rear bumper, build sheet, A Black Beauty!!

Price:  $17,900

Scott's Comments: You will notice I frequently comment about black cars. San Antonio, Texas gets too hot for an all black car. However, I would be keeping my car in a garage, and have garage parking at work (this is why I would never put the top up on a convertible, I would drive my 93 Z-28 in bad weather). The two place garage situation should go a long way toward helping live with a black car. I would still prefer a lighter interior to go with a black exterior, though. 

That said... I really like the look of this car. The price is a little high for a non Camaro, Mustang, Corvette. But it looks sharp and would make a great cruiser. When I think about this car I can't help seeing it as a great luxury convertible. If this car had the Ram Air hood and a four speed I would think about it over a Camaro. That's saying something. I tried to avoid looking at 442s and GTOs during this exercise, so I cannot be sure if I could find something this nice at a better price. Personally, I really like the 66-67 GTO convertibles. But that will have to wait for another search.

Source: Southern Motor's

67galaxy2.jpg (23156 bytes) 1967 Ford Galaxy 500 Convertible
Very nice driver car. Many new parts. All original. Blue, with white top. New brakes, shocks, coil springs, carpet. This car can be driven anywhere. Just needs someone to take the top down and cruise it on home!!!

Price: $5,800

Scott's Comments: This car looks very straight and the price is great. I almost tried to talk my wife into letting me get it now. Unfortunately, I wouldn't want to park a convertible in the parking lot of an apartment complex. If I had my three car garage built, I would have actually called about this one. As long as it has a V-8 I could be happy with this car. Its reasonable price was the reason this non Camaro, Mustang, Corvette made it to the first choice section. In fact, the price is so low that I could conceivably buy it and a non convertible Camaro for the best of both worlds.

Source: Classic Car Mall

Second Choice Cars - These cars are runner-ups to the first choice cars. I start letting non convertibles on the list now. Ideally I would have negotiated a sale on one of the cars above, but if negotiations didn't pan out these are the next to get phone calls.

Runner-Up Cars
(Non Camaro, Mustang, Corvette or even convertible cars)

69charger.jpg (19868 bytes) 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
Professionally restored by Andy's Rods, 440, 4-speed, 4:10 Dana 60, light yellow / black bee stripe (painted on by factory). Very few options special order. I've only seen one other survivor like it. Only 1,069 Charger R/Ts made in 1969 with a 4-speed, and only a handful with 4:10 rear end. This car is very fast and very beautiful!

Price: $16,000

Scott's Comments: I came across this car by accident. I have always been a big fan of the 68-70 Chargers (as a kid, my best friend's brother had a 70 R/T with a 440, and I used to own a 73 Road Runner GTX with a 440.) They didn't make these in convertibles, but that roof line is so smooth it doesn't matter. The color of this car is great, the stripe is just right, a 440/4-speed and a Dana rear. I hope it has the Pistol Grip shifter. It's just the car to get me to give up on a Camaro. I could see myself with this car. The only thing better would be if it was Plum Crazy ( purple) with a white stripe. You don't know how hard it was for me to keep this non-convertible out of the first choice section. I love this car. It has a professional restoration, so maybe I should move it up. 

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

63novass-convertible.jpg (27706 bytes)
63novass-convertible-rear.jpg (20748 bytes)
63novass-convertible-int.jpg (21572 bytes)
63novass-convertible-mtr.jpg (25871 bytes)
1963 Chevrolet Nova SS Convertible
Black with red interior & black convertible power top, 327 ci V8 motor, Edelbrock 4 bbl carb, Edelbrock aluminum intake, Powerglide transmission, air conditioning, Griffin aluminum radiator, bucket seats with factory console, Jensen am-fm-cassette stereo, Autometer gauges, Rally wheels with flat caps, BF Goodrich Radial TA tires, new top boot, dual exhaust, recent Frame-Up restoration.

Price: $17,900

Scott's Comments: If memory serves me... they only made Nova convertibles in 62 & 63. That makes this car somewhat rare. It is a hot rod, so it's value as a rare car is probably lost. But that is not why I would buy this car. I would buy it because I would love a nice performance sixties car in a convertible. The fact that Nova convertibles are rare would be icing on the cake, so to say. This price is high for a car that you have to worry about how well it was modified, and because it is not a Camaro, Mustang or Corvette. But I like it. I could think of a dozen color combinations better than black on red. At least it is not white on red. If this car had a 4 speed it would warrant consideration with the Camaros. Remember... the Camaro was built on the Nova chassis, just like the Mustang was built on the Falcon chassis.

Source: Southern Motor's


Camaro Runner-Ups
(Convertibles and Coupes)

1969 Camaro SS Convertible
A rare find, black, 327 V8, a.t.

Price: $6,000

Scott's Comments: This is the first Camaro in the second choice section. Purely based on price. If it had a 4-speed it might have even made it into the first choice section. This would make a great project car, like the Resto-Mod Mustang elsewhere in this article. The big question for this car is... Rust? Does it have any? I would bet this car is not all original, and I would definitely use it to start a project. Let's see... 502 Ram Jet Crate Big Block with a 4L80E automatic or 6 speed manual transmission. That would make a good start.

Source: Collector Car Trader Online

67ss396_f.jpg (61542 bytes)
67ss396_r.jpg (50032 bytes)
67ss396_i.jpg (47984 bytes)
67ss396_e.jpg (52221 bytes)
1967 Camaro SS 396 Convertible
396, 4 speed, PS, deluxe interior, spoilers, restored & beautiful!

Price: $19,500

Scott's Comments: If this car had the RS package or the console with gauges I would have put it in the first choice section in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify top dollar without at least one of those options. I would prefer it had the RS option, because I could always add a reproduction console. Maybe if I saw this car in person it would change my mind. It looks like a winner from the pictures. If it was a real restoration (that term gets abused a lot in advertising of classic cars) then it might be worth it. The 396 big block is a huge plus in my book, and the reason I really want this car.

Source: Low Country Classics

68ssconv_f.jpg (56123 bytes)
68ssconv_r.jpg (51890 bytes)
68ssconv_i.jpg (41667 bytes)
68ssconv_e.jpg (53737 bytes)
1968 Camaro SS 350 Convertible
350, 295 horsepower, no's match, factory 4 speed, 12 bolt rear end, a true SS Camaro, red with black interior & top, very nice original car, same owner last 15 years.

Price: $18,500

Scott's Comments: Here is another car that just needs to be a 69. It has all the right stuff. I don't remember ever seeing those style trunk stripes used with the wrap around front stripe. That may not be original. This is getting close to the top of my price limit, and it is not an RS with the hide-away headlights. This car is just itching to climb to the first choice section.

Source: Low Country Classics

70z28rs_f.jpg (48442 bytes)
70z28rs_r.jpg (40131 bytes)
70z28rs_i.jpg (38418 bytes)
70z28rs_e.jpg (52636 bytes)
1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS/Z28
This 350, 360hp has the M22 Muncie 4 Speed Trans, PS, PB, Gauge Pkg, 4:10 Posi 12 Bolt, Sharp Garage Stored Oklahoma Car is Mulsanne Blue w/Black Stripes & Black Bucket Interior!

Price: $18,900

Scott's Comments: If only I could get over my infatuation with convertibles. This car would make a perfect Target Camaro if I was looking for a 70-72 Z/28. It has the RS option with the split bumpers, 360 hp LT-1 engine & 4 speed. What more could I want in a 70-1/2 Camaro. It is perfect. I even like the color, though I would prefer white stripes to black ones. I don't know if air conditioning was available with the Z/28 in 70. I think it was, but this car doesn't have it. I would head over to Vintage Air and get some cold air to cool down that black interior living here in San Antonio.

Source: Midwest Car Exchange

67RSSS_F.JPG (25926 bytes)
67RSSS_I.JPG (19647 bytes)
67RSSS_E.JPG (24616 bytes)
1967 Camaro RS/SS
Matching numbers car, SS 350-295 horse power, close ratio 4 speed transmission, 12 bolt posi-traction differential, deluxe black interior, console gauges and tachometer, tilt column - walnut steering wheel, Butternut Yellow, black vinyl top, Los Angeles built car. This is the 3,124th Camaro built, early production - September 1966, brought from Washington state Oct. 1999.

Price: $15,000

Scott's Comments: Once again, if I could get over my convertible fetish. As far as the 67 year is concerned this car is almost perfect... if the top was down. The only thing I could want is a 396 big block. With the number of convertibles I was able to find I would have to go through a lot of cars before settling on this one. I love all the options... tilt wheel, console with gauges, 12-bolt rear. Too bad it doesn't have air conditioning, but that can be fixed by Vintage Air, and they are located here in San Antonio. I almost convinced myself to get this car and the 67 Galaxy in the first choice section. That would give me my 4 speed Muscle/Pony car and a convertible... in two separate cars for less than a grand over budget. Now that is tempting.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

68camaro_conv_front.jpg (46266 bytes)
68camaro_conv_int.jpg (44088 bytes)
68camaro_conv_eng.jpg (56812 bytes)
1968 Camaro Convertible
Options and Accessories: Deluxe Interior, Rally Wheels, SS Stripe, Power Steering, Power Top, Cowl Induction Hood, Console, Sport Wheel. Comments: This is an attractive, very good driving Camaro. Restored 14 years ago. Very sharp color combination, good solid body with a glossy, sharp paint. Engine runs smooth and engine compartment is detailed. This is the type of car that looks great on the road, fun to drive, easy to maintain and priced much less than a show car.

Price: $12,998

Scott's Comments: I find it amazing that they said so much about this car without telling what is under the hood. Let me guess... a 327 or 350. The picture is of a small block, and the interior shows an automatic. The pictures looks like crap, but the car in it looks like it is just waiting to be seen in person. The shine on that paint is excellent, especially considering the poor quality of the photo. This "feels" like a really nice looking car. I like it. The price is good for how clean the car seems. I would assume the car is not all original. Too bad it isn't an RS with the hide-away headlights or had a four speed... that might move it up to the first choice section.

Source: Volo Auto Museum

67turquoise_f.jpg (26966 bytes) 1967 Camaro RS/SS
Rare Turquoise with black deluxe interior, cluster gauge, automatic, posi, disc brakes, 350/295, excellent condition.

Price: $14,950

Scott's Comments: This car looks very nice. That paint looks great. It is an RS/SS, but it has an automatic. For this money I would prefer a manual even after I completely give up on a convertible. But I find the paint & color very compelling. It would be a close race between this car and the yellow 67 RS/SS above that has a 4 -speed. If this car was a convertible it would be in the first choice section. Looks are important!

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

67camaro6cyl_int.jpg (23600 bytes)
67camaro6cyl_eng.jpg (24625 bytes)
1967 Camaro
250CI I6, 3sp Manual Transmission w/Factory Floor Shifter. Power Steering, Manual Brakes. The cars numbers have been checked with the CRG - Camaro Research Group. Numbers Match. Daily Driver - Drop in a Big Block and save the six for a rainy day.

Price: $6,800

Scott's Comments:  The pictures of this car are excellent. I find myself really liking it even though it is not a convertible, not an RS with the hide-away headlights, and not a V-8. What am I thinking? At least it has a manual transmission. It seems to be a super straight, mint condition early Camaro. It is stunning to look at and could make a great daily driver, even with a 6 cylinder. Bottom line: the price is very compelling for a mint condition, numbers matching Camaro. I could see myself taking this super clean car to shows on weekends while driving it to work in nice weather. At this price it makes a great project car. I could park that 6 cylinder and drop in a crate 502 big block and a 6-speed.

Source: Shore Classics

67rsblue_f.jpg (58247 bytes)
67rsblue_r.jpg (67544 bytes)
67rsblue_i.jpg (81183 bytes)
1967 RS Camaro Convertible
327 auto, dealer add-on air conditioning. One family owned for 31 years. Protecto plate , original owners manual and more. Bucket seats and console. Rust free car . Beautiful condition. Paint is 18 years old and could use a repaint.

Price: $15,900

Scott's Comments: You can see how dull the paint has become on this car. However, if you ever wanted a car knowing you would paint it this could be a great project car. Unfortunately, I think this is a little expensive for a project car that doesn't have a 4-speed. The single family ownership for over 30 years is a plus. If the price were lower I would give it more consideration.

Source: Yesteryear Classic Autos


Mustang Runner-Ups
(Convertibles and Fastbacks)

66MB_F.JPG (43920 bytes)
66MB_R.JPG (41126 bytes)
66MB_I.JPG (39188 bytes)
66MB_E.JPG (53484 bytes)
1966 Mustang Convertible
Dark Blue w/ Tan int. 8 Cylinder Auto. Finished in a beautiful dark blue with parchment Pony interior with lots of subtle modification and a new matching power top. GT chrome steel styled wheels and fog lights look great. Has a 289 V8 with auto trans.

Price: $16,950

Scott's Comments: Here is another excellent Mustang Convertible. The price is up there, but the place selling seems like a real classy place with lots of good quality cars. This car is ready to drive, and with the automatic my wife can enjoy it too. I really like the GT grill lights, and those trumpet exhaust tips poking through the rear valance panel (easily seen in the photos). It has the 5 pod dash, but no console. Nothing is perfect. This car was in the first choice section, but I couldn't resist putting a big block Mustang there, so this car got moved down. I would still call about this car. If only my garage was finished.

Source: Affordable VIP Classics

65GT50_F.JPG (50154 bytes)
65GT50_I.JPG (55269 bytes)
65GT50_E.JPG (50011 bytes)
1965 Mustang GT Fastback Resto-Mod
From the outside this fastback looks just like any 1965 GT. Excellent paint, red GT stripes and badges, redline tires, period correct styled steel wheels, correct grill mounted fog light assembly, and trumpeted dual exhaust through the rear valance. Mint pony interior. Now...  Under the hood is a rebuilt 1990 Mustang GT 5.0 liter. 4-speed shifter handle in stock console is connected to a 1990 T-5, 5-speed. Yes, a 5.0 V-8 with a T-5 in a 1965 fastback. Extras: Stainless steel front disc brakes, Global West front suspension, Gas shocks absorbers, AM/FM cassette (in original radio hole) 10 disc CD changer. Correct A/C.

Price: $18,900

Scott's Comments: I severely edited the description above. It was about 4 times longer than what you see. This is what I really want. A classic sixties pony car with a modern drive train. Too bad it is a fastback. If it was a convertible like the 65 GT Target Mustang I would buy this car in a heartbeat, even though it is black. In fact, I would seriously consider this if I could not find a convertible worth buying. This car started out as a 289/3-speed car. Meaning it would not be hard to do something similar with some of the cars on this list.

Source: K.A.R. Auto Group
65mustang.jpg (20714 bytes) 1965 Mustang Convertible
7R01C137465 Good driver, newer interior, Navy Blue/Tan

Price: $15,000

Scott's Comments: Not a lot of information. That's the VIN in the description, so it tells some information about the car (the "C" in the 5th position says it is a 289, 2bbl). I am not in the mood to look up more than that for this article. The picture was poorly cropped, but the car still looks good. I would prefer a white interior with the blue exterior. It would be worth a phone call to determine the specifics: engine, transmission, A/C, etc.

Source: Classic Showcase

66convred.jpg (93557 bytes) 1966 Mustang Convertible
PS, PB, PTop, V8, AM/FM/Cass, AC, AT, red w/blk int, 85K miles, new exhaust, rebuilt tranny, rebuilt motor, new top, runs great.

Price: $10,000

Scott's Comments: This car looks pretty good. And the price is nice. I would prefer a manual transmission, but given the price I would not care. The affordability of this car makes it a good candidate for a Resto-Mod project. I have a hard time believing this car could be a numbers matching car for this price. The black interior will be hot, but at this price I would have enough in the budget to start converting it to white. It already has air conditioning, so that is one less issue in South-Central Texas. If it is as good as the description (check carefully for rust & bondo) then it is a very good buy. This car was in the first choice section, but so many nice Mustangs where appearing that it fell down the list. This car still needs a phone call, though.

Source: Classic Car

65stang_f.jpg (65854 bytes)
65stang_r.jpg (72631 bytes)
65stang_i.jpg (70002 bytes)
1965 Mustang Convertible
Car completely restored by a Mustang restoration company. 289 V-8, 3-speed standard transmission car. In very good condition. 95,478 miles.

Price: $14,595

Scott's Comments: What, no red interior. Thank goodness, I get tired of white on red Mustangs. I like the 5 pod dash and the manual transmission. A professional restoration at this price seems like a good deal. This is a little pricey for a project car, but I am thinking it would make a nice combination Shelby clone/Resto-Mod. Shelby hood with blue stripes, Thunderbird sequential taillights, EFI 302 crate motor and a five speed transmission. Sounds interesting. 

Source: Gateway Classic Cars

70whitemach.jpg (51434 bytes) 1970 Mustang Mach I Fastback
351 Cleveland V-8, 4 BC, dual exhaust, power steering, power front disc brakes, automatic, black knit vinyl bucket seats, fold-down rear seat, console, AM radio, clock, dual racing mirrors, front & rear spoilers, Magnum 500 wheels, new Radial T/A tires, diamond gloss white finish.

Price: $17,950

Scott's Comments: I love the look of 70 fastback Mustangs, and this car is why. This car looks great. I love the rear spoiler, and the louvers (if present, if not they would be shortly after I owned it). The 351 Cleveland 4 bbl engine should put out plenty of power. Too bad it is not a shaker hood. The price is a little high for me, but that's because I am looking for a 65-68 convertible. Otherwise, all this car needs is a good A/C system to be a fine choice for a daily driver Muscle/Pony car.

Source: Duffy's Collectible Cars
65EFI_F.JPG (58031 bytes)
65EFI_R.JPG (50122 bytes)
65EFI_I.JPG (42131 bytes)
65EFI_E.JPG (48479 bytes)
1965 Mustang GT Fastback
302 fuel injected / auto, Shelby wheels, red with white GT stripe & black interior, solid body, car was restored a few years ago & has been garage-kept!

Price: $14,500

Scott's Comments: Another Resto-Mod. This one is a lot cheaper. It looks like a nice car. Why can't someone do this to a convertible and sell it to me. The price is right, and it is already starting to look like a Shelby. I would put a Shelby hood on it with white stripes over the hood and down the trunk. Bottom line... it is not a convertible, strike one; it has an automatic, strike two. In this group of cars, two strikes and your out.

Source: Low Country Classics

67mustang_fastback6cyl_front.jpg (388108 bytes)
67mustang_fastback6cyl_int.jpg (266306 bytes)
67mustang_fastback6cyl_eng.jpg (267954 bytes)
1967 Mustang Fastback
This old Mustang will make a perfect driver! The paint is a little rough but she runs great. 6CYL, 200CI, Automatic. The interior is fair and there is no significant rust! Make an offer!

Price: $8,900 (on windshield, not in ad)

Scott's Comments:  I find myself compelled to this car in a similar fashion to the way I was pulled toward the 67 Camaro RS 6 cylinder elsewhere in this article. I vaguely remember, once, seeing a 65 or 66 Mustang Fastback that looked like a Shelby. It had a 6 cylinder engine and was called a GT-200. I don't know if Shelby ever put his touch on a 6 cylinder Mustang (please e-mail me if you know the answer to this.), but I thought it was a neat idea. This car could be the perfect bases for the same thing. It could be made to look like "Eleanor" from Gone in 60 Seconds, yet with a 6 cylinder. That would be different. The ad reads "make offer," and the windshield shows $8900. I think $8900 is pretty high, but maybe for around $6,000-7,000 it might be worth it. That would leave money leftover to start Shelby-izing it. In fact you could probably even get some decent speed equipment from Clifford Performance. That really would be different. I do have an issue with "no significant rust." Any rust is significant in my book.

Source: Shore Classics


Corvette Runner-Ups
(Convertibles and Coupes)

71vette_f.jpg (93033 bytes)
71vette_i.jpg (66155 bytes)
71vette_e.jpg (76624 bytes)
1971 Corvette Convertible
Ontario Orange with Saddle Interior and White Soft Top. 350/270hp with Matching Numbers and Automatic Transmission. Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air Conditioning, Tinted Glass, and AM/FM Cassette. Rally Wheels with Goodyear White Letter Radials. This is a classy head turner- Very nice detail, and well dialed in mechanically... runs, drives and shows wonderful.

Price: $24,900

Scott's Comments: This is a bit expensive for me, but I love to look at it. The color is less common than most, making it different. The only complaints I have are that it has only 270 horsepower and an automatic. If this were any year prior to 71 it would have 300 hp. A 4 speed would be a big help here. I can't help looking at this car and thinking it needs nothing. A ready to run classic Vette with a cool, unusual color. This car was in the first choice section until the 68 Bronze Corvette showed up and took its slot for $5,000 less.

Source: Mershon's World Of Cars

64VETTE.JPG (58025 bytes) 1964 Corvette 327 Stingray Convertible
VIN: 40867S103857 Red with Black int. 4 spd and power steering. This is a very clean car that will make a great driver.

Price: $24,900

Scott's Comments: This car restores may faith that I could find a nice 63-67 era Corvette that I could afford. The classic red convertible with a four speed is a great setup in this year. It even has knock off wheels. All that's missing are factory side pipes.

Source: Classic Car

65VETTE.JPG (24505 bytes) 1965 Corvette Coupe
327/250 h.p., 4 speed, numbers matching, Nassau Blue with Bright Blue interior, body off restored, factory side exhaust, PW, SS brakes, K.O. wheels.

Price: $26,998

Scott's Comments: This car is soooo close to my Target Corvette in the 63-67 era. I love it. It even has the side pipes and knock off wheels. It also has a 4-speed, and is a great shade of blue. Plus power windows! What more could I want? How about more horsepower, and air conditioning... oh yea, and a convertible. If I could swing the extra cash for this car I would seriously think about giving up on a convertible. Notice this is the only non convertible Vette in this article.

Source: Pro Team Corvette

72vetteconv.jpg (124520 bytes) 1972 Corvette Stingray Convertible
350, auto, factory air, all original matching numbers. White w/ blue interior, excellent condition.

Price: $18,900

Scott's Comments: The picture of this Vette is very nice. I would prefer blue on white, not white on blue. Also, it has an automatic. But it is in my price range, and it is an all original numbers matching car. The picture is so nice I keep thinking about moving this one up to the first choice section.

Source: Classic Car

Orphans - What about these? Below are some Camaros & Mustangs that are nice, but have too many compromises. I put them here because I just can't seem to eliminate them. Also, I have added a few cars that drew my attention away from my target cars. Enjoy!

(Camaros & Mustangs)
67camaro6conv_front.jpg (36817 bytes)
67camaro6conv_int.jpg (40782 bytes)
67camaro6conv_eng.jpg (35508 bytes)
1967 Camaro RS Convertible
Deluxe Interior, Power Steering, 6 Cylinder, Automatic, Power Top, Rally Wheels.

Price: $16,500

Scott's Comments: This car is in Dallas, making it easy for me to look at. This car is probably a rare one. I wouldn't think they made many 6 cyl. RS Camaros... no less a convertible. I really want a V-8/4-speed car, but this one is very intriguing. The pictures were a little fuzzy, but they are good enough to get me to travel 4-5 hours to look at this car. The car looks very clean. The price is high considering the compromises I would be making, but it could make a great daily driver (sunny days only, of course). If it is all original I would be compelled to call. Maybe I could just store the original engine and install a crate 502 big block, or maybe swap in the new 270 hp straight six slated for the new Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy. White on red... it doesn't look as cliché as it does on a Mustang, but it is still not my favorite. Give me blue on white any day. Ultimately this car ended up in the Orphan section because it was too expensive. There are just too many cars above that are better buys.

Source: Motor Cars Ltd

67RSCONV.JPG (78323 bytes) 1967 Camaro RS Convertible
Super Nice Car! Red w/ Black Deluxe Interior, P.S., Console, Bucket Seats, Tach, Gauges.

Price: $19,900

Scott's Comments: This car came up early in my search. The picture still blows me away. The first thought I had about this car was it would make the perfect runner-up if I couldn't find a nice 69 SS convertible. However, it is top dollar (for my budget), and it doesn't even tell you what the drive train is. It would have to be a 396 with a 4-speed to get me to spend my full $20K budget. This one kept getting moved down because plenty of other cars came along that were better buys. That is a good example why I would spend a lot of time doing research before calling. BTW... this car sold within about three days after my finding it, so timing is important too.

Source: Arena Motor Sales

70camaroRS_rfront.jpg (120057 bytes)
70camaroRS_front.jpg (92060 bytes)
1970- 1/2 Camaro Z28
This mid-year produced car is one of the rarest, with RS option which includes the split front bumper, original number matching 350/360 hp eng., first year for automatic trans. with Z-28 option and the only year to offer 12 bolt rear end, this car is shown here with the wrong seats, but the correct (one year only) low back seats go with the car along with the original carb. A good daily driver. 

Price: $9,950

Scott's Comments: This car doesn't look great from the picture, but if it is true that it is a real Z/28 RS it could be a nice find. If I couldn't get a 67-69 convertible I would seriously consider this car. Also, it is under $10,000. I could afford that more easily than a lot of the cars on this list. Too bad it doesn't have a 4-speed. The low (relatively) price would have me calling just to see if this is a bargain for the taking. I love the 70-72 Split Bumper Camaros. BTW... the ad mentions the wrong seats, but fails to mention the wrong spoiler. 70 Z/28s have a small lip spoiler (see the 70 Z/28 RS above).

Source: Classic Car Connection

68ssblue_l.jpg (28668 bytes)
68ssblue_i.jpg (20344 bytes)
68ssblue_g.jpg (18560 bytes)
68ssblue_e.jpg (23845 bytes)
1968 Camaro SS
New GM ZZ4 Crate motor (355hp / 405 lbs torque), powerglide automatic transmission, also new: Edelbrock performer carburetor, Hooker headers, HD radiator, starter, alternator, power steering pump, hoses & gearbox (fast-ratio), front brake drums, wheel cylinders & shoes, battery, shocks, deluxe interior, carpeting, seat foam and dash pad. Other: 15x8 Rally wheels w/ T/A radials, Tick-Tock-Tach, console gauges, Pioneer sound system, dual exhaust. Ready for years of enjoyment.

Price: $15,000

Scott's Comments: I don't know why this car is on the list. It is not a 69, not and RS, it has a Powerglide 2 speed automatic and drum brakes, and it is not a convertible. But I love the color, it has the console with the gauges (which I also love), it has a new crate motor, and looks really sharp. It even has a tic-tock-tach (that is a clock inside the tach). Very Cool. I almost wish I wasn't looking for a convertible. If I give up on a convertible this car would be just about perfect.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

69CAMARO.JPG (22980 bytes) 1969 Camaro
Red and black deluxe interior, power steering, power brakes, 10 bolt positraction, 3:31 gear, 383 Stroker with 5,000 miles, 4-speed with 54,000 miles. New Parts: Clutch kit, fly wheel resurfaced, spark plugs & wires, fuel pump, distributor, 3 core radiator, fan shroud & bracket, battery & cables, battery tray, shift boot, console kit, two horns, front brake hose, front spoiler & brackets, starter, alternator, motor mounts, washer pump, Pitman arm.

Price: $9,200

Scott's Comments: Obviously this is a hot rod. But then again I would be inclined to hot rod a Camaro myself, and probably will. I have said before... it is cheaper to buy someone else's project car than to build it from scratch. Here we have what looks like a good project car for under $10K. The car looks straight, though jacked up. It is a 69 Camaro, though not a convertible. It has a 4 speed and what should be a strong motor in a 383 stroker. Plus it is not an RS, which I prefer for a 69. When I give up on a convertible this car will warrant my attention.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

65mustangconv_front.jpg (22300 bytes)
65mustangconv_int.jpg (17807 bytes)
1965 Mustang Convertible
Beautiful and rare Gold exterior with clear coat, tan interior, white top. Original 289 4bbl, 4 speed. Steel style rims. 101,000 miles, rebuilt carburetor, new transmission and clutch. Runs great. Looks like a dream. Will turn heads!

Price: $16,500

Scott's Comments: Here we go. A really nice classic Mustang convertible with a V-8 and 4-speed. However, this is one of those "wimpy" colors I talk about. Maybe it's me. The four speed does the trick. I have not come across many 4-speed cars, mostly three speed and automatics. It seems like a good deal for an original car. I would prefer a white interior to go with the top, but nothing is perfect. A GT would be even better. I really like the console. At over $15K I would hope for a more palatable color.

Source: Cars On Line Photo Ads

66gtk_left.jpg (47560 bytes)
66gtk_int.jpg (51620 bytes)
66gtk_eng.jpg (61187 bytes)

1966 Mustang GT K-code
VIN# 6F07K736115. 289 Hi-Po V-8 engine and automatic transmission. This car is a numbers matching, restored vehicle with 18,000 miles on the eight year old restoration and features Pony interior, disc brakes, dual point ignition, and solid lifters. A true K-code car that needs very little to make it show quality!

Price: $17,900

Scott's Comments: This is a very clean Mustang. The color is unusual. I haven't made up my mind if it is wimpy. The car is far from wimpy. A true K code engine. K code engines have 271 horsepower. That is a big jump up from the A code 225 horsepower engine. Too bad it is a coupe and has an automatic. With a 4 speed this would have topped the second choice section, and maybe even worked its way into the first choice. If it were a convertible it would be at the top of the first choice section. The least it could be is a fastback. It is just too expensive for the compromises.

Note: This Mustang was reduced in price to $14,900 a while after writing this article. However, I was not in the mood to move it up the list. At $14K+ this car is not not too expensive anymore. Had the price been lower when the article was originally written I would have kept this Stang in the 2nd Choice section. Also, this car is located at a dealer that is less than an hour drive away. I may have to visit it just for fun!

Source: Auto Maniacs

Convertible Orphans
(Non Camaro, Mustang, Corvette Cars)
69firebird.jpg (18761 bytes) 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible
Orange w/ Black int. 8 Cylinder Automatic, 400 V-8, Carousel red with black bucket vinyl interior, white power top, p/s, p/b, p/w, tilt, A/C, console, Rally II wheels, hood tach, rear spoiler, RWL Dunlop radial tires, am-fm-cass.

Price: $14,900

Scott's Comments: This car is amazing. It is very well optioned. Too bad it is a Firebird and not a Camaro. I have convinced myself that Firebirds don't look nearly as good as Camaros, and I can't seem to warm up to this car. It has everything, except a a 4 speed. Air conditioning, power windows, console, hood tach, and even a big block. With a 4 speed this car would have ranked right up there with the 69 Charger at the top of the second choice cars, or maybe next to the 70 Cougar in the first choice section..

Source: Chicago Car Exchange

1967 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible
Completely restored. Like New.

Price: $7,500

Scott's Comments: I don't know why I like these cars. They are kind of cute looking (66-69 years). It must be the rear mounted engine. I wonder if anyone still makes a kit to install a small block Chevy V-8 in that trunk. This car would make a nice old car to cruise around in. As a project car it is a little pricey since I would want to swap the engine for a V-8. If you like Corvairs this looks like a good buy.

Source: Classic Car Mall
Hardtop Orphans
(Non Camaro, Mustang, Corvette Cars)
70challenger.jpg (49564 bytes) 1970 Dodge Challenger Hardtop
One owner, original car from California, 383 CID V-8, automatic, power steering, air conditioning, green vinyl bucket seat interior, console, AM radio, light package, Driver’s chrome remote mirror, Rally wheels, Firestone radials, green vinyl roof, dark green metallic finish.

Price: $9,950

Scott's Comments: If this car had a 4 speed it would have sat right next to the 69 Charger at the top of the second choice section. But I wasn't looking for a Challenger, and would very much prefer a convertible. Also, this is far from my favorite color. Lets, see... not a Camaro, not a convertible, no 4-speed, and bad color. That makes four strikes. But this is a really nice big block Pony car. I like it. The price seems very reasonable. I wonder how much it would cost to convert it to plum crazy purple with a black & white interior & a 4-speed. This is a nice gentleman's muscle car and I can't help myself from liking it.

Source: Duffy's Collectible Cars
73challenger.jpg (63012 bytes)

1973 Dodge Challenger
318-V8, P.S., P.B., slapstick automatic, new interior, has factory a/c. [but doesn't work], red with black vinyl top, good stereo, straight body, very clean inside and out, one-owner car, sharp-looking Mopar.

Price: $7,500

Scott's Comments: This is not a Camaro, Mustang or Corvette. It isn't a convertible. It doesn't have a four speed, or even a performance engine. But it is a very clean looking car. I love the Mopar slapsticks with the consoles. I had one in my 73 Road Runner GTX back in 85. This car is located in Texas making it an easy car for me to look into. It is also priced right at $7,500. That would leave plenty of money left over to modify the car. Maybe make a faux Hemi or 340 Six-Pack clone out of it. They didn't do either of those in this model year, so it would be kind of cool. Almost like a "what if the government & insurance industry hadn't spoiled all the fun" kind of a car. I would probably try to change the color to Plum Crazy (purple) with a white interior. I shouldn't have any trouble coming up with this low (relatively speaking) price. Also, considering the A/C is not working it's a good thing that Vintage Air is based here in San Antonio.

Source: The Texas Toy Box

67chevelle454_front.jpg (199484 bytes)
67chevelle454_int.jpg (412962 bytes)
67chevelle454_eng.jpg (397114 bytes)
1967 Chevrolet Malibu
Classic Muscle. 454 Big Block Power. Automatic, dual exhaust, ladder bars, etc.

Price: $9,800.00

Scott's Comments: I am such a sucker for big blocks. This is basically a nice hot rod. I like that. 67 is my favorite for Chevelles in the 64-67 years. The price seems reasonable. This car would need a good test drive to make sure it is reliable. If I give up trying to get a convertible this car would make a nice fast Muscle Car. Since it is not original, there is nothing stopping me from continuing the project. 4 or 5 speed, handling suspension, etc. This would make a good candidate for a G-Machine (modern handling with classic sixties styling, and big block power). It is always cheaper to complete someone else's project that start from scratch. This car could be made into a great sleeper. Just put stock style wheels and 396/325 hp emblems on it. Then have fun winning races.

Source: Shore Classics

There you have it. That was not easy. In fact that was way more cars than I wanted to put in this article, but I couldn't help myself once I got going. The work I did building this list is very much like the work I will do for a real classic car search. Except I will save the contact information and links to the original pages the cars were displayed on.

Until then...