Car Corner
Super Chevy Show - Dallas

July 1, 2001
By Scott Lewis

I finally managed to go to a Super Chevy Show. I have been wanting to go for a few years, but something always seemed to stop me. One year the event was the same weekend as  one of my sinus surgeries. Another year it was the same weekend as my wife's birthday. Yet another year they changed the date so early in the year that I didn't look it up until it was too late.

Well, I finally made it. And I may even be able to go to the Houston event later this year too. The weekend of the Dallas (actually Ennis, TX, but that's semantics) event was May 18-20. I went by myself, but I am hoping to convince my wife to go to the Houston event in September. There is also a Mopar show in Houston in October, so maybe I will convince my wife to go to that. Either way I hope this is not going to be a once in a five year event.

For those of you that don't know, this is an event that was originally put on by Super Chevy Magazine. Now the event is handled by another company, probably due to how large the events became making it impossible for a normal magazine staff to handle. Super Chevy Magazine is still part of the show, but they don't run it.

In the beginning, these events were called Super Chevy Sunday, and were one day events. As the shows became larger they expanded to two, and finally three days. I attended a Super Chevy Weekend event in Reading Pennsylvania back in 1985. It was a two day event. I had planned to get a motel room that night and spend two days at the show. However, I was able to walk through all the cars in the entire event, twice, in a few hours. Rather than spend another day I just headed home. I estimate there were about 200 cars in that show. At the time it was a slight disappointment since the last time I attended a Street Machine Nationals East event there were some 1500 cars. That event took me three days and I still didn't see everything.

The Event

Car Corral
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Car Show
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Swap Meet
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Race Cars
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Parking Lot
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I don't know why I expected more, maybe because the event had grown to three days, but I was hoping to see more cars. I was able to see about everything I wanted to see in about 4 hours. (That makes it a 12 hour event for me. 4 hours to the event from San Antonio, 4 hours at the show, and 4 hours back to San Antonio.)

The event has a car show (Duh!), drag racing, swap meet, car corral (where cars are for sale), and various retailers. I was really interested in the the car corral as I have made up my mind to get a classic car next year when my house is complete. (In fact, I have already written two articles on searching for classic cars & project cars on the Internet. Expect them to be posted in this space in the next few months.)

I would estimate there were probably about 300 cars in the show. Add to that the couple of dozen cars in the car corral and some nice cars involved in the drag racing, brings the total to maybe 350-400 cars worth seeing. This is more than I could see anywhere else in Texas at one time, so I shouldn't complain.

But I was hoping, since this was a three day event, there would be close to 4 figures worth of cars. My biggest disappointments were in the lack of Camaro Convertibles and no 68-72 Corvettes. I saw maybe 5 First generation Camaro Convertibles. Of those only two had the top down. This was a show... why don't they all have the tops down. And I couldn't believe that there weren't any 68-72 Vettes in the show.

I was also disappointed in the manufacturer's midway. I don't remember seeing any of the big companies there. All I remember were dealers/retailers selling plenty of stuff. This is all well and good, but I miss seeing the big guys showing their latest stuff. The event I saw in Pennsylvania back in 85 had Edelbrock, Holley, Auto Meter, B&M and others. None were found this time out.

Don't let me get you down. I liked the event. If you are into Chevys it is worth attending. I really enjoyed myself. Most of my disappointments came the next day when I looked over my pictures and saw the lack of the cars I was hoping to see. There were so many really nice cars that I never realized what was missing while walking the show. That says something in itself.

I took my digital camera with me. Since I didn't plan to print any of the images I set it for the lower of its two resolutions (896x592). At this resolution my camera can hold approximately 140 pictures. However, when I saw what might make a great shot I switched the camera to high resolution in case I wanted to print out an 8x10.

I took about 130 pictures. Plenty to get an idea of the cars there. I weeded out the pics to those down the side of this article. However, I wanted to point out a few cars that I particularly liked. Of course you can click on the thumbnails to see a larger (640x480) image.

Car: 64 Chevelle
Why: This was a mint condition, all stock (except the wheels and tires) Chevelle. What really did it for me was the way the car was equipped. It was a total stripper. It had about three options on the entire car. It had a 6 cylinder with a "three on the tree" manual transmission. You just don't see many of these anymore, and in this condition. It was like a time warp. I saw a similar Nova to this in the car corral. It was a 66 or 67 fastback that was stock, except for wheels,  with a 6 cylinder. It was not mint, but it was in good, clean condition. I though it was a little pricey at $9000. I should have wrote down the phone number and offered $6000 a week after the show.

Car: 67 Camaro RS/SS Convertible
Why: This car was special for the exact opposite of the 64 Chevelle above. It was a factory loaded car. It had the console with gauges, power windows, a 396 big block, and air conditioning. Very nice.

Car: 67 Camaro Convertible
Why: Here was another 67 Camaro Convertible. What I thought was interesting about this one was it was a base Camaro convertible with a 396 big block. Almost every big block Camaro I see is either a RS or SS or both. That made this one a little unusual.

Car: I Don't Know
Why: I don't know these old cars, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. Some day I would like to build an old style hot rod like this. This must be a late thirty, early forty something. The blue in the picture doesn't do the car justice, it was amazing in person. The interior really did it for me. It was very nice with a DVD player & screen, CD player, air conditioning, power windows & locks, modern console with cup holders, etc. I love the digital dash... in blue to match the color scheme. This car had incredible attention to detail.

Car: I Don't Know
Why: That is an awesome shade of purple. 'Nuff said!

Car: 62 Impala Convertible
Why: She's so fine, my 4-0-9. Here was a mint condition 409 with 409 horsepower and a 4 speed... all in a convertible Impala. Very cool indeed.

Cars: 69 Camaro Z-28s
Why: This was in the car corral, not the show. There was a black one next to it with only 34,000 miles. The black Z was in very good condition, but I don't think it was worth the $24,000 asking price. I noticed some unusual blemishes in the paint, and the interior didn't seem as clean as it should be for that much money. This red Z/28 looked to be in nearly perfect condition. I couldn't see anything wrong with it from a cursory walk around the car, but at $35,000 I think it was priced way too high. I am no expert, but $35,000 seems a lot for a 69 Z/28 unless it was a carefully documented frame off restoration. I have seen excellent Z/28s for sale for far less than this. Clearly the seller was trying to capture the excitement of the show to jack up the price.

Car: 63 Corvette
Why: This is the one and only Split Window Coupe version of the Corvette. The split window drew criticism in 63, and was removed in 64. Now it is the most desirable Vette from the 63-67 years. This one was extra special because it had the Rochester Fuel Injected Engine. Very Nice. I wonder why someone doesn't make a reproduction of this fuel injection system for the retro crowd.

Car: 61 Impala
Why: This is not my kind of car. I don't like it much. It is too much like a low rider for my taste. However the paint is great. I really like the Impala graphic on the side. I always thought it was cool to remove the trim off a car then have it airbrushed on. This could look really cool with a 55-57 Chevy. You could airbrush the entire trim down the side of the car with a nice two-tone paint job.

Car: 67 Chevelle
Why: This is a very nicely executed hot rod. The body is stock, but it has a fuel injected big block and a 5 speed. I love that. It even has air conditioning so I assume it gets some decent road time. This is the way I want to build a 69 Camaro.

Car: Malibu (Year = ?, 78 - 81)
Why: I liked this Malibu because is shows the way I would build one myself. I have liked this body style since Car Craft built a roots supercharged V-6 version as a Street Machine Nationals give-away car. That was back in the 80's when this body style was new. I have a 350 engine in storage and may just get a project car for it next year. A 78-81 Malibu would make a nice choice for a project car, as this car clearly demonstrates.


That about covers it. A car show is truly a visual experience, so enjoy the rest of the pictures. If you like cars you really should make it a point to visit one of these events. If I lived in Dallas or Houston I would attend every year.

Now I am on the lookout for an event of at least this caliber that includes Fords and/or Mopars. What are the odds they will move the Street Machine Nationals to Texas... about none. If you look at the results pages for the Street Machine Nationals in Springfield, Missouri, or the Hot Rod Super Nationals in Canfield, Ohio, you can see they get a lot of cars. With over 1200 or 2000 cars attending respectively, the Street Nats and Super Nats are definitely worth the trip.

1999 Street Machine Nationals
     Unique Winners: 100
     Highest Number: 1270

2000 Street Machine Nationals
     Unique Winners: 98
     Highest Number: 1248

1999 Hot Rod Super Nationals
     Unique Winners: 103
     Highest Number: 2040

2000 Hot Rod Super Nationals
     Unique Winners: 100
     Highest Number: 2086

Car Craft now does the Summer Nationals in St. Paul, MN and gets over 2000 cars. Trips this long would require a lot of planning though. I would love to join the Hot Rod Pour Tour, but that would be a two week vacation, and no one in my family is that nuts about cars to travel all over the country in a car for two weeks. Maybe I could catch it as it passes through Texas next year, but Amarillo is pretty far compared to Dallas (like they say Texas is BIG).

Any of these shows would be better if I had a car to enter. That means I need to start looking for a classic car. Stay tuned, I plan on showing you that in a couple of months.