Car Corner
Where Can I Find a Decent Car Show?

June 1, 2000
By Scott Lewis

For the last few years I have wanted to attend a large outdoor car show. It has been over a decade since my last large event.

The last large scale event I attended was the Street Machine Nationals East in the 1987. I attended three of those events in four years (84, 85, and 87. They didn't have it one in 86). Each of those events had over 1300 cars in attendance. The shows were a great chance to see some amazing cars all in one location. 

The fun of cruising around the towns during the evenings was indescribable. I remember one night my friend, Charlie, and I were driving in his 1973 Road Runner (Charlie is the original owner) and we tagged along behind a group of 5 cars. In that mix was a 1970 Plymouth Superbird and a Mid 60s Corvette.

You can't imagine the feeling that rushes over a car nut as he sees a 55 Chevy with a supercharger poking through its hood passing by in the opposite direction, and this is a normal site for one of these events.

The largest event in I know of in Texas is Super Chevy Weekend. In the past they have held them in either Houston, Dallas or both. Three years ago was the first year they didn’t have both Texas events. Unfortunately, I only learned this after the first event had passed and missed the chance to attend.

Two years ago I was much more proactive about the event in Dallas. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict.

Last year I performed the same proactive approach. I had planned to attend the Dallas event in late August. As it turned out I had sinus surgery the day before the event.

This year I was determined to attend the Super Chevy event in Dallas. About the second to third week in April I bought my digital camera. I thought this would be great for taking an abundant amount of pictures at a car show. So I anxiously went looking for Super Chevy’s summer 2000 schedule. Low and behold... the Dallas event was moved from August to April. Two weeks prior to my checking. Missed again. Even if I had found the information soon enough, it was the same weekend as my wife’s birthday and I would not have been able to attend.

Armed with a digital camera I started searching for a large event to visit. I headed over to Petersen’s web site. Petersen Publishing produced Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, Car Craft, and Motor Trend magazines. Surely they would have something going on.

A check of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2000 reveals it is traveling from California to Florida. Bingo! The Power Tour is a super road trip that starts at Petersen’s offices in California and spends 9 to 10 days crossing the country to a big car show. They post the entire schedule of stops, and invite people to join them for any portion of the trek they can. All I would have to do is find out when and where they will stop in Texas.

Wouldn’t you know it... they are going from Southern California to Florida, clearly a path that should run though Texas, but they are going around Texas through Oklahoma. Foiled again.

I have been searching for a sizeable car show for some time. I am having very poor luck so far. Rod & Custom has their Americruise tour. This is a little like the Power Tour except there are about 8 or 9 starting points around the country and they all culminate in one location. I believe this year they end up meeting in Colorado. Fortunately, one of the starting points is in San Antonio. It leaves from Vintage Air’s facility. They are scheduled to leave at 8:00 AM, July 17th. That is a Monday morning. I don’t know how they handle their departure, or if it is worth attending just to see them leave, but I will be there, digital camera in hand.

Expect a pictorial of the "minor" event in the August edition of this site.

If anyone knows of a large outdoor car show event in central Texas please let me know. I am not a fan of low-riders, and don’t care for trucking events. I would love an event along the lines of the Super Chevy Weekend, but with a wider diversity in cars. Fords and Mopars are cool too. Something along the lines of the old Street Machine Nationals would be great.