Car Corner
Babe Magnets!

December 1, 1998
By Scott Lewis

O.K., This is not going to be a serious article. I have been thinking about this topic for a little over a year now. A friend of mine got divorced last year, and he was contemplating a new car. But what car would help him in his new quest (to get girls)?

He needed a Babe Magnet. I started thinking about which cars would qualify as Babe Magnets. Here is the short list:

Corvette - My personal favorite. Have you ever seen an ugly woman riding passenger in a Vette? I didn't think so.

Viper - This is not the same as the Vette. The Viper is more brutish, and would attract ogling car nuts more than girls. But it would still work.

Any 2-door 3-Series BMW and the Z3. Girls love BMWs in general, but the bigger models are for the older crowds. Be forewarned that girls like BMWs because they think the owners have money.

93 Camaro Z-28 (when new). The 94 Mustang falls into this category when it was new. My Z drew more looks in the first 6 months of its life than any car I have seen. More than Ferraris. My wife found it to also be a Hunk Magnet. When she drove it she got looks from lots of guys. Unfortunately the newness wore off. Time to get a Vette.

Porsche 911 with whale tail spoiler. Very impressive looking. This is too expensive for the purpose of picking up girls. If you can afford one, you don’t need a car to get girls. But if you can borrow Dad’s, by all means, go for it.

Any Ferrari. Like the Porsches above, too expensive for picking up girls, but if you can get your hands on it don’t waist the opportunity. Older Magnum P.I. models might be affordable now, and still turn heads. Worth a try.

Jaguar XK8. This car looks sharp, hardtop or convertible. If Heather Locklear can drive one on Melrose Place, then girls will be glad to jump in for a ride.

The New Beetle. This is the babe magnet. It is cute. Girls (and everyone else) stare at them. Most important… they are cheap. A struggling guy can afford one, and still have money left over to go out on a date. Used right, this car will generate more dates than any other car.

I know there are more, but can’t think of them. I know I could list Lamborghini’s, and other exotic Italian cars, but that would get redundant. What other cars count as Babe Magnets? Let me know, and I will print the long list here in the future.