Car Corner
My Camaro gets paid off

March 1, 1998
By Scott Lewis

This month has been a busy one. If you read Scott's Column you will know that I have spent much of this month recovering from sinus surgery and helping my wife bring our second child into the world.

This has left me with too little time to write an article for this column. I am sorry. But I have some car news. With my bonus and income tax refund my why and I were able to pay off our 1993 Camaro Z28. We also paid off a small loan we had. Between the two we will have an extra $500 a month to put toward as many bills as possible.

In August my youngest son will start daycare on a part time bases, and the extra money will be needed then. I am hoping to use some of the extra cash between now and then to add some performance to the Z.

I will start looking into aftermarket items to add to the car. My plans are becoming more clear. I will stick to basic bolt-on equipment. I want to get more horsepower that is usable in most all driving conditions.

Since I don't race the car, I have no reason to get Nitrous Oxide. There is little reason to crank open a tank for a simple jump onto the freeway.

Basic bolt-ons will have to do. They will provide a boost in horsepower that will be available at any time. I would consider a supercharger, but the expense in just not realistic for this car. I don't know if I will go so far as aftermarket cylinder heads or the camshaft. Each of those would require so much labor I would doubt their bolt-on nature for a daily driver. Plus the expense/labor for the horsepower gained may not be worth it.